The Cry For Freedom

The Cry For FreedomThe Cry For Freedom by Jerri Hines

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Yay! I’m finally done with this book *takes a deep breath* It took me a while to get through this book. Not because I was really busy, enough not to read, it is because I chose to read other books instead. At first this book looked promising, with love, revenge, action, and adventure and it was. I was held captive in the very beginning. Then towards the middle it just went blah for me. I don’t know why it just did. So I put it down. The only reason why I finished the book was because I have a hard time just letting a book go unfinished. So I pushed through and finally finished it. I was surprised by the end, the story line got going again and the book ended on a cliff hanger. Will I be reading the next books in the series? No, I will not, if it took me this long to finish the first book I wont’ be picking up the next ones. However, you might like the book and think it’s fantastic! You will only know if you if you read it yourself.

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The winds of change brews over the colonies. Tension against the crown is mounting daily. In Williamsburg, the rebellion burns strong in the hearts of two siblings, Jonathan and Hannah Corbett. Spirited and headstrong, Hannah finds herself thrust in the middle of a conspiracy when her father receives a strange package from Philadelphia. Jonathan, a physician for the Continental Army, is torn between duty and family. With war looming on the horizon, the siblings soon discover there is a high price to be paid for the cry for freedom


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