All That is Beautiful (Arrington #2)

All That is Beautiful (Arrington, #2)All That is Beautiful by Roxane Tepfer Sanford
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I don’t even know where to start. This story had me angry at times, happy at times, and down right sad. I had tears rolling down my cheeks at times. The story picks up where the first book leaves off. We follow Lillian on her journey through her relationship with Richard and her plight to get home to Jasper Island. It’s rare for me to find a story let alone an entire series that leaves me filled with such emotion that I’m left speechless and lost for words.

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Book Summary:

Readers of The Girl in the Lighthouse continue Lillian Arrington’s turbulent lifelong journey of lies, lust, and doomed love.

It is the year 1878, and at last, Lillian, now a young woman, is free from the prison called Sutton Hall and the evil grandmother who ruled. After years locked away far from her beloved lighthouse on Jasper Island, she finds her only escape through sheer luck and the generosity of one man, Richard Parker, an aspiring commercial illustrator. Though Lillian is shamed by the sins of her parents and the unspeakable act committed by Warren Stone, she entrusts her life to the charismatic, though married, Richard, until it is safe to return home.

However life, as unpredictable as the sea, has other plans for Lillian.

Not long after leaving, she is caught up in an adult world of money, greed, drugs, and sinful pleasures, turning her life upside down once again.

It is only when Lillian discovers the shocking truth to Richard’s cruel years of deception that she finally returns to her lighthouse, desperate to recapture her lost years, and most of all, lost love.

But fate has one more devastating surprise in store, leaving Lillian with incomprehensible choices, and ultimately, tearing her beautiful new world apart.


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