Good Sick

This was a good fast read. It kept me on my toes and I did not want to put it down. This story is about Abbi who just got rescued from living in a cult with a sadistic leader. She thinks her desires of pain equaling pleasure is a sin and tries to to hide it. However, fate would have it that she runs into Mason who just so happens to be a very dominant figure with an alternative motive. Together Abbi and Mason discover what is really important.

Book Summary:
“They called it a cult. I called it home.”

I don’t regret running away from home six years ago. I wound up at Good Souls, a secluded farm where I could fight my dark, dirty impulses and remain pure. I knew that soon I would receive the ultimate reward: ascension straight to heaven. Then the police raided our farm and took everything away. They called it being “rescued.”
I had nothing: no family or friends, just an empty apartment in New York. The other women from the farm barely spoke to me. Our leader, Brady Booker, was missing, and my therapist wanted to convince me my sexual urges were normal, and that ascension was a lie.
For so long I believed my hunger for discipline and restraint was the work of demons tempting me to sin. Then I met Mason. Dominant and handsome, he made me feel good… even if I am sick…

For ten years I’ve been on the hunt, trying to fix a mistake that cost me everything. Obsessed with righting the wrongs of my past, I lost touch with my friends and family; I lost my badge; I lost all semblance of a normal life.
I never should have let Abigail Lamb get under my skin. Just when I’d caught a break, when I thought the end was in sight, she stood in my way. Beautiful, but brainwashed, her tragic past and thirst for submission drew me in and held on tight. I couldn’t resist, even if it meant jeopardizing my mission.
Now I have no choice. I can’t let her go, not until I get what I need. I’m going to finish what I started, even if that means becoming a monster…

Publisher’s note: “Good Sick” is a psychological, new adult dark romance story with explicit sexual content, including BDSM practices, with no cliffhangers, no cheating and a HEA.


Wild Irish Roots (Mystic Cove 0.5)

Wild Irish Roots (Mystic Cove, #0.5)Wild Irish Roots by Tricia O’Malley

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It ended to quickly

This is the first book to the series. Well it’s the prequel to the first book and tells the story of Margaret and Sean. I love their story and couldn’t put it down. I had to read it in one sitting. I can’t wait to get my hands on the other books.

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Book Summary:
Margaret O’Brien’s life is about to change.

Growing up in the small town of Grace’s Cove, Margaret never knew that she was different. She didn’t understand why people were unnerved by her ability to see what others could not. When her mother explains that she is special, gifted, her world shifts forever. Desperately wanting to be normal, Margaret is determined to seal that part of herself away. It seems as though she might succeed – until Sean Burke steps into her life.

Sean is an apprentice on a fishing boat and is pursuing his dream of running his own fishing business. Tales of the fish pulled from the rumored-to-be-enchanted cove are legendary across Ireland, and Sean is determined to learn its secrets. What he doesn’t expect is to be blindsided by his love for Margaret.

Helpless to stop loving Sean, but unable to confess to her shameful secret, Margaret must face the truth about herself – or run away from it forever.

From New York Times Bestselling author, Tricia O’Malley, comes a new romance series set on the rocky shores of Ireland.

There’s No Such Thing as “Business” Ethics: There’s Only One Rule for Making Decisions

There's No Such Thing as There’s No Such Thing as “Business” Ethics: There’s Only One Rule for Making Decisions by John C. Maxwell

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was a good read. It focused on the Golden Rule and how in order to be ethical in business and in life you should focus upon this. How there is no such thing as business ethics and if you’re not ethical in your own life then how can you be ethical in business and visa versa.It also has examples of business men who were ethical in their business and those who were not. It gives you things to think about.

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Book Summary:
There’s no such thing as business ethics. How can that be? Because a single standard applies to both your business and personal life-and it’s one we all know and trust: the Golden Rule. Now bestselling author John C. Maxwell shows you how this revered ideal works everywhere, and how, especially in business, it brings amazing dividends. There’s No Such Thing As “Business” Ethics offers: * Stories from history, business, government, and sports that illustrate how talented leaders invoked this timeless principle * Examples of difficult business decisions-layoffs, evaluations, billing clients, expansion-and how the Golden Rule applies to each * The five most common reasons people compromise their ethics-and how you can prevail over such moral obstacles * How applying the Golden Rule to business builds morale, increases productivity, encourages teamwork, lowers employee turnover, and keeps clients coming back. John C. Maxwell not only reveals the many ways the Golden Rule creates the perfect environment for business success, but does it with great wisdom, warmth, and humor. Backed by flawless research and the ideas of history’s best thinkers, this engaging book brilliantly demonstrates how doing the right thing fosters a winning situation for all, with positive results for employees, clients, investors, and even your own state of mind. Business runs much more smoothly, profits increase, and you know that you’ve set the groundwork for years of future prosperity…and it’s all thanks to the tried-and-true Golden Rule.

Fire Bound (Sea Haven/Sisters of the Heart #5)

Fire Bound (Sea Haven/Sisters of the Heart, #5)Fire Bound by Christine Feehan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This books was so good! I didn’t want to put it down and found it went by to quickly. I can honestly say this is the best book in the series so far! Who can resist a good story that has treachery, love, murder, and secret missions? I love Lissa and Casimir’s relationship and their chemistry together. Even though this was their story I hope to see more of them in the next book, even if it’s just a little paragraph I’d be happy!

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Book Summary:
Flame-haired Lissa Piner is a skilled glass blower whose delicate gift conceals a burning inner strength that can destroy as exquisitely as it can create. Commissioned to design chandeliers for a string of luxury hotels, her remarkable skills have taken her to Italy. But Lissa’s real mission there is a secret. For her entire life has been a lie, leading to a chance to avenge a terrible wrong.

Enlisted as her bodyguard is Casimir Prakenskii, a trained assassin living off the grid. In Lissa, he sees a kindred spirit—something unexpected and wicked, mysterious and sensual. But more than desire is about to bring them together: because both of their pasts cry out for revenge. And for two people with this many secrets, this much passion, and this many enemies, someone is bound to get burned.

Feversong (Fever, #9)

Feversong (Fever, #9)Feversong by Karen Marie Moning

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

OMG what did I just read! It can’t be the end! No it just can’t! There must be more books about Mac, Barrons, and the gang. I’m at a lost for words as this is the best book in the series. I have cried, laughed, cried, laughed, and cried some more. I love it when books bring out emotions in me. I would have thrown it across the room but it’s not my book 🙂 If you have read all the books in the series then you’ll know finally what happened to Dani as a young girl, how she was raised, and she’s the way she is. I can’t say much more or I’d be spoiling the book and I just can’t do that. I’m just hurt that it’s the end…….

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Book Summary:

#1 New York Times bestselling author Karen Marie Moning returns with the epic conclusion to her pulse-pounding Fever series, where a world thrown into chaos grows more treacherous at every turn. As Mac, Barrons, Ryodan, and Jada struggle to restore control, enemies become allies, right and wrong cease to exist, and the lines between life and death, lust and love, disappear completely.

Black holes loom menacingly over Dublin, threatening to destroy the Earth. Yet the greatest danger is the one MacKayla Lane has unleashed from within: the Sinsar Dubh—a sentient book of unthinkable evil—has possessed her body and will stop at nothing in its insatiable quest for power.

The fate of Man and Fae rests on destroying the book and recovering the long-lost Song of Making, the sole magic that can repair the fragile fabric of the Earth. But to achieve these aims, sidhe-seers, the Nine, Seelie, and Unseelie must form unlikely alliances and make heart-wrenching choices. For Barrons and Jada, this means finding the Seelie Queen who alone can wield the mysterious song, negotiating with a lethal Unseelie prince hell-bent on ruling the Fae courts, and figuring out how to destroy the Sinsar Dubh while keeping Mac alive.

This time, there’s no gain without sacrifice, no pursuit without risk, no victory without irrevocable loss. In the battle for Mac’s soul, every decision exacts a tremendous price.

The 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader: Becoming the Person Others Will Want to Follow

The 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader: Becoming the Person Others Will Want to FollowThe 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader: Becoming the Person Others Will Want to Follow by John C. Maxwell
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

If you’re wanting to improve your leadership skills then this book is for you. This book makes you think. It goes through the 21 qualities and at the end of each chapter there is a little homework area. It asks you questions and gives you more ideas to think about.

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All That is Beautiful (Arrington #2)

All That is Beautiful (Arrington, #2)All That is Beautiful by Roxane Tepfer Sanford
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I don’t even know where to start. This story had me angry at times, happy at times, and down right sad. I had tears rolling down my cheeks at times. The story picks up where the first book leaves off. We follow Lillian on her journey through her relationship with Richard and her plight to get home to Jasper Island. It’s rare for me to find a story let alone an entire series that leaves me filled with such emotion that I’m left speechless and lost for words.

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Book Summary:

Readers of The Girl in the Lighthouse continue Lillian Arrington’s turbulent lifelong journey of lies, lust, and doomed love.

It is the year 1878, and at last, Lillian, now a young woman, is free from the prison called Sutton Hall and the evil grandmother who ruled. After years locked away far from her beloved lighthouse on Jasper Island, she finds her only escape through sheer luck and the generosity of one man, Richard Parker, an aspiring commercial illustrator. Though Lillian is shamed by the sins of her parents and the unspeakable act committed by Warren Stone, she entrusts her life to the charismatic, though married, Richard, until it is safe to return home.

However life, as unpredictable as the sea, has other plans for Lillian.

Not long after leaving, she is caught up in an adult world of money, greed, drugs, and sinful pleasures, turning her life upside down once again.

It is only when Lillian discovers the shocking truth to Richard’s cruel years of deception that she finally returns to her lighthouse, desperate to recapture her lost years, and most of all, lost love.

But fate has one more devastating surprise in store, leaving Lillian with incomprehensible choices, and ultimately, tearing her beautiful new world apart.