Chivalrous (Valiant Hearts #2)

Chivalrous (Valiant Hearts, #2)Chivalrous by Dina L. Sleiman
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Wow! This is a great story! I found myself wanting to just finish it in one sitting but life kind of had it own plans. This story is about Allen and how he sets off on his own. He finds himself in a new land with new friends, but along the way he finds out what it means to become a just and fair knight. There might even be a little romance to come his way by a fierce lady named Gwen. I can’t say to much or I’d spoil the book for you. So go out there and read this book! I can’t wait to dig into the third one!

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Book Summary:
Strong and adventurous Gwendolyn Barnes longs to be a knight like her chivalrous brothers. However, that is not an option for her, not even in the Arthurian-inspired Eden where she dwells. Her parents view her only as a marriage pawn, and her domineering father is determined to see her wed to a brutish man who will break her spirit.

When handsome, good-hearted Allen of Ellsworth arrives in Edendale searching for his place in the world, Gwendolyn spies in him the sort of fellow she could imagine marrying. Yet fate seems determined to keep them apart. Tournaments, intrigue, and battles–along with twists and turns aplenty–await these two as they struggle to find love, identity, and their true destinies.


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