Ethan (The Surprise Brides #4)

Ethan (The Surprise Brides, #4)Ethan by Sylvia McDaniel
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was a sweet, fast read. I love this story and the characters. Beth is a strong and courageous woman who knows how to keep on going when things get tough. Ethan is a kind country boy who knows how to support and encourage his wife even if she was a mail ordered bride. If you’re looking for a story to curl up to with a cup of coffee or tea this is the story for you.

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Book Summary:
A reluctant groom and a runaway bride… Beth Worthington finds herself racing from a wealthy older groom into the arms of a stranger when she defies an attempt by her father to marry her off. Instead, she takes matters into her own hands and agrees to become a mail-order bride with no intention of staying married to her unknown suitor. Ethan Fraser is shocked when he discovers his mother ordered him a bride. To save the innocent girl’s reputation, he goes through with the wedding. What he doesn’t expect is for his innocent bride to have plans of her own – that don’t happen to include him. When an unexpected snowstorm traps the two together she fights the unwanted attraction and the way of life he has to offer. Can a rich debutante and a Colorado cowboy learn to live together before the snow melts or will their different lifestyles tear them apart before they have a chance to find out?”


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