Run, Run, Run Away (The Ivy Chronicles – Book 1) ( (The Ivy Chronicles #1)

Run, Run, Run Away (The Ivy Chronicles - Book 1) ((Young Adult Urban Fantasy Series))Run, Run, Run Away (The Ivy Chronicles – Book 1) ( by C.R. Cummings
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Wow, what can I can say about this story. Ivy spent her life living with her Grandparents who kept her safe from her mother and gave her a feeling of security. However, something was always off and Ivy couldn’t put her finger on it. Then one day her grandparent left and she was left alone with her mom. Ivy had to survive one way or another and devised an escape plan to get away. The day finally arrived when she had enough money to take a bus and leave. However, when she left she never expected what came next! This was a great story full of adventure, mystery, and ugly, nasty little woodland creatures!I can’t wait to pick up the next book of The Ivy Chronicles!

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Book Summary:
In 2014 C.R. Cummings started a major project to revamp each of her eBooks prior to them coming out in Paperback. Run, Run, Run Away is being re-released as a eBook July, 2015 and soon after the Paperbook will be available.

“16 year old Ivy has made up her mind. Dealing with life after the death of her Grandparents and having to live with her psycho mother, is no life at all. She decides that running away is better than going into foster care, and takes off to live alone at Granddad’s isolated cabin, deep in the forests of Oregon.

Getting there wasn’t the scary part, nor was being alone. What was scary was the discovery of her Grandma’s journals hidden in the cabin, along with her own true identity and the secrets concealed in the hemlock forest.

Unsure which of her new friends to trust, Ivy is thrown head first into a life changing adventure and must decide if she has what it takes to embrace her destiny.”


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