Bartholomew Biddle and the Very Big Wind

Bartholomew Biddle and the Very Big WindBartholomew Biddle and the Very Big Wind by Gary Ross

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

OMG! I love, love, LOVE this BOOK! It’s a must read for kids, to read to your kids, or just give it as a gift! I can’t gush enough about this book. I even had to pick one up for my niece and nephew to enjoy. The story is about a boy, who one day decides to grab his bed-sheet, catch a wind, and fly away on a great adventure. Along the way he meets different and interesting people, that in some way changes his view upon the world. This story is written in rhyme which I believe not only made it easy to read but made it more enjoyable to read it to my son. I hope, if you pick it up, you’ll love it as much as I did 🙂 This is a must read over, and over again type of book, plus I found it at the 99 Cent Store, so you can’t beat that!

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Book Summary:
Bartholomew Biddle’s life has always been pretty ordinary, but when a huge wind blows past his window one night, he feels the call of adventure — and he can’t resist the urge to grab his bedsheet and catch a ride. Soon he’s soaring far above his little town, heading wherever the wind takes him! After spending time on an island full of pleasure-seeking pirates and at a prep school that boasts a hundred shades of gray, Bart finds himself in a mysterious cove where the wind doesn’t blow. Stuck, Bart is forced to face the fact that his flying days might be over. Will he ever get home again?


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