Jhanmar – World Travellers (Arash #4)

Jhanmar - World Travellers (Arash, #4)Jhanmar – World Travellers by Elke Schuster
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It’s always a sad day when a story comes to an end. I didn’t want Livia’s story or adventure to end at all. I fell in love with all the characters to this series. So by the last page, I was whispering I hope there is more, I hope there is more. However, as of now there is not. Once again we follow Livia and her trials through her life as an Arash. This time she is caught up in a world where everything seems perfect. Her boyfriend is amazing, her friends love her and get along with Eamon (her boyfriend). However, some things are just to perfect and unbelievable, even for Livia. She soon finds the strength to defy Eamon and seek out the truth. This book is full of action, adventure, trails, and triumphs. It’s a great ending to a wonderful series.

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Book Summary:
Lost shadows, forgotten memories, inexplicable happenings – what’s wrong with Livia’s perfect new life? Is it being manipulated or is it just an illusion? Yearning for the truth, she struggles against the man who claims to love her and his dominance over her life. Will Livia manage to escape and re-enter a world threatened by dark forces? And what on earth is translocation, a dangerous, mad and forbidden concept that the whole Arash world is whispering about? Livia’s Arash family crumbles, disrupted by mistrust and hatred, her human sister Sophie is dying. Will Livia find a way back to her friends and be able to save her one true love, Cassius, or will Eamon’s world claim her forever?


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