The Reluctant Warrior (Warrior series, Book 2)

The Reluctant Warrior (Warrior series, Book 2)The Reluctant Warrior by Ty Patterson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

*ARC Review*
This book is one amazing adventure. I have never read anything by this author before but I plan to read the very first book to the Warrior series. The first part of the book follows a father and his kids. The father is struggling to keep his family a float so he decides to go back to his old ways of gun smuggling and selling. Along the way he lands in the New York area where he meets up and starts to work for an up and coming gang. Having a gut feeling that something is about to happen he leaves his kids in the care of their Aunt. Then in come the Warriors, they are called in by the FBI to help flush out a mole that is part of the gang. What follows next is a lot of action, adventure, heartbreak, and triumph! A must read if you are into action/adventure books.

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Book Summary:

The Warriors did not exist. They worked for an agency that no one knew of.
They were an elite, trouble-shooting force that went in where other deep-black, Special-Ops teams feared to tread. They always came out on top.
This new mission, helping the premier law enforcement agency in the country clean its house, was different from any other mission. This one had three problems they had never encountered before.

One: They would have to come out of the shadows
and become the hunted.

Two: They would never win this war.

Three: They would be stalked by a mysterious
assassin. An assassin superior to the Warriors.

Broker and his team of Warriors take on the most ruthless, fastest growing criminal gang in New York as they seek to flush out a mole.
Who is the mole? And who is the phantom stalker?


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