Immortal Faith

Immortal FaithImmortal Faith by Shelley Adina

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Wow, what an interesting read! I thought this book would be a bit different but I was pleasantly surprised how it turned out. The story takes place in a Mennonite community in Idaho, where life is simple and peaceful for young Sophie. Her biggest worry is who will she fall in love with and marry. She has her choice of two suitors who pursue her. First is young David who grew up in the faith, and then there is young Gabriel an outsider who was recently baptized into the church. With both of them wanting to marry her, Sophie has a choice to make. However, it’s not that easy when a family member and a friend is murdered, and a Detective is attacked by a supposed wild animal. All the evidences cast suspicion on both young men. Or maybe it was just one? This is great read with a twist! So don’t pass it up!

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Book Summary:
If you like paranormal stories by Amanda Hocking and Alyson Noel, you’ll love Shelley Adina’s Immortal Faith!

In the small, traditional community of Minuit, Idaho, the people pray that God will deliver them from evil. They should have been more specific.

Sophie Dupont is on the threshold of womanhood, standing in the door between her religion’s way of life and the possibilities of the world outside. She is also torn between two young men: David Martin, whom she has known since childhood, and Gabriel Langford, the new arrival. In a community that only grows when people are born into it, a convert—young, single, and with looks to die for—is the most exciting thing that has happened in years. Under the elders’ approving eyes, Gabriel is dedicated to worshipping God. But his methods may not stand up to too close a scrutiny . . . and Sophie is getting very close indeed . . .

When Sophie’s uncle is found dead in the barn with his throat slashed and bitten, the community grieves—except Sophie, who has been abused by him since she was nine. What kind of awful person is she to be glad that someone is dead? And when another is killed the same way—and another—is she the only one who realizes that only the worst among them are being chosen? That the bad seed is being systematically weeded out of their beleaguered community? Sophie begins to suspect who might be behind it . . . and that’s the one possibility she can’t bear to contemplate . . .


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