Homeland (The Legend of Drizzt #1)

Homeland (Forgotten Realms: The Dark Elf Trilogy, #1; Legend of Drizzt, #1)Homeland by R.A. Salvatore
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What an amazing adventure! Once I got past the Spider Queen, and the evilness this book talks about, I was able to finish reading it! Trust me the first 100 pages gave me nightmares. It was just a bit dark for my liking. But once I got past that, I just couldn’t put it down. I love Drizzt! He shows that no matter how you grow up, or what your environment you’re in, that as long as you a good moral compass, compassion, heart, and will, you can overcome anything! And that is just what he did! He overcame his upbringing, his mother and sisters, and the evil drow society he was born into. Good thing I have the second book already! I’m off to see what adventures awaits Drizzt!

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Book Summary:
In exotic Menzoberranzan, the vast city of the drow is home to Icewind Dale prince Drizzt Do’Urden, who grows to maturity in the vile world of his dark elf kin. Possessing honor beyond the scope of his unprincipled society, can he live in world that rejects integrity?


Dark Secrets (Dark Secrets #1)

Dark Secrets (Dark Secrets, #1)Dark Secrets by A.M. Hudson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

It took me fifty books in between and almost a year just to finish this book. I’m not saying it was very bad, but it wasn’t amazing either. It was just okay. For me the story started out very slow and didn’t pick up the pace til the last few chapters. It seemed a bit Twilightish to me. Teenage girl falls for a vampire, vampire leaves, girl gets into a situation, and vampire comes back, that is the basis of this book even though there is a twist at the end. Now it was the ending that has me wanting to read the other books in the series. However, I just don’t know if I want to risk trying to read another book that might take me a year to finish. Oh well, it’s still a story and you never know you just might like it better than I did.

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Book Summary:

How can you be attracted to a guy who just said he wants to kill you?

Ara-Rose asks herself the same question. She’s been torn away from her old life, thrown into a new one in a new country, and in the midst of death, heartache and depression, she finds herself in love with a vampire—one who kills people with his teeth!

But the vampire is forbidden to fall for this human, and at the point Ara-Rose decides she can’t live without him, he pulls away and leaves her falling back to the darkness he woke her from. She will be caught up in a century-old feud among brothers, and the fight for love becomes a fight for her life.

The only question now is whether her beloved vampire will find her in time, or leave her to face a destiny he triggered with their first kiss.

Since their release in 2011, Books 1 & 2 from the Dark Secrets series have come together, presented as one great book for one low price.

Personal (Jack Reacher, #19)

Personal (Jack Reacher, #19)Personal by Lee Child

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh I love this character! I think I have said it multiple times already! I’m very glad I was able to get an Advance Reader Copy from NetGalley.com. This book did not disappoint at all! A blast from the past comes back into Reacher’s life, and it’s up to him to figure out how to take him down. Action, traveling, adventure, and a very, very, VERY great TWIST at the end! I am left wanting more. I LOVE this coffee addicted man!

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Book Summary:
Jack Reacher walks alone. Once a go-to hard man in the US military police, now he’s a drifter of no fixed abode. But the army tracks him down. Because someone has taken a long-range shot at the French president.

Only one man could have done it. And Reacher is the one man who can find him.

This new heartstopping, nailbiting book in Lee Child’s number-one bestselling series takes Reacher across the Atlantic to Paris – and then to London. The stakes have never been higher – because this time, it’s personal