Tasagalt – Cross of the South (Arash, #3)

Tasagalt - Cross of the South (Arash, #3)Tasagalt – Cross of the South by Elke Schuster
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

***ARC Review***
Love, Love, LOVE!!! I couldn’t put this book down, not one bit! I was delightfully held captive til the very end. Better than the last two books! The book picks up where the last one left off. Livia has now been an Arash for 6 months, and is enjoying her time with the “family”. Everything seems peaceful and happy until Livia and the crew decides to look for her mom. Along the way trouble comes and rips the family apart. I love seeing Livia grow into a strong character and how she reacts to all the chaos around her. I can’t say much more due to spoilers. All I can say is MUST READ!! I can’t wait til the next book comes out!

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Book Summary:

He is evil and cruel, killing humans as well as immortal Arash in cold blood, yet an invisible bond seems to link Livia to Eamon.
She seems to have it all, but the search for her mother Rebecca sets disastrous events in motion. Suddenly it’s Livia who guards dark secrets, who hides the truth from her friends. Hurt to the core by Cassius’ infatuation for another girl, which causes him to turn even against his closest friends, she alienates herself from her Arash family and becomes an outsider once again. Will she inevitably lose everything – her love, her family, her life – by defying all Arash laws? Or will her courage and impulsiveness open up unimaginable worlds before her?


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