You Suck (A Love Story, #2)

You Suck (A Love Story, #2)You Suck by Christopher Moore

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow, this was my first time reading Christopher Moore and all I can say is wow! I love his writing style. The book was funny to say the list. This story follows a vampire girl, her boyfriend (first minion), his friends, the vampire that turned her, and a young teen girl that wants to be in the vampire crowed. Once I started to read it I couldn’t put it down. One down side is that there are a lot of swear words in it, but that just makes the comedic part of the book, since it’s so outrageous. I can’t wait to read more of his stories!

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Literally. Just ask Thomas C. Flood. Waking up after a fantastic night unlike anything he’s ever experienced, he discovers that his girlfriend, Jody—the woman of his dreams—is a vampire. And surprise! Now he’s one, too.

For some couples, the whole biting-and-blood thing would have been a deal breaker. But Tommy and Jody are in love, and they vow to work through their issues. Like how much Jody should teach Tommy about his new superpowers (and how much he needs to learn on his own). Plus there’s Tommy’s cute new minion, sixteen-year-old goth girl Abby Normal. (Well, someone has to run errands during daylight hours!)

Making the relationship work, however, is the least of Jody and Tommy’s problems. Word has it that the vampire who nibbled on Jody wasn’t supposed to be recruiting any new members into the club. Even worse, Tommy’s erstwhile turkey-bowling pals are out to get him, at the urging of a blue-dyed Las Vegas call girl named (duh) Blue.


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