Property: The True Story of a Polygamous Church Wife

Property: The True Story of a Polygamous Church WifeProperty: The True Story of a Polygamous Church Wife by Carol Christie

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

**ARC Review*
My oh my! Wow! What a heart breaking yet incredibly inspirational book! I was going into this book thinking it will be like so many other books about cults and how they escaped. But this book went into some detail on what occurred during her time in the cult. How she was forced into this religion when she was just a teenager! I cried, held my breath, found myself saying not nice words, and then breathing a sigh of relief at the end of this book. I still can’t form the words that would give this book the credit that it’s due. The only thing I can say is that even if you are not into Non-Fiction especially about religion or cults, this book is a MUST READ!!! Pick it up and you just might find yourself saying that there is always a way out even if you don’t see one! Reading this book made me feel like I was in the same room as the author telling her story. It is very well written and will keep you captivated from page 1. It’s just one of those books that is a must read even if you are not into Non-Fiction!

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In the early 1970s an innocent teenager who had led a sheltered life was forced to leave her family and enter into a polygamous, abusive, and deviant relationship with a man called the Prophet. In 2008, nearly 40 years later, she fled his religious sect.

Property is not a misnomer. It accurately depicts how the women in the sect were treated. Carol Christie reveals the degradation, abuse, and brainwashing that the Church Wives endured. She exposes the physical abuse, the mental cruelty, the slave labour, and the sexual deviance that took place near Owen Sound, a small community just a few hours north of Toronto, as well as at other locations. She describes the many opportunities that officials had to investigate but walked away from, swayed by the charismatic Prophet.

Carol is building a new life, one of freedom and options. With no money and no job she started again and is now dedicated to helping others who have escaped while raising awareness about the dangers of the cult.



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