Catalyst (Vampire Apocalypse, #2)Catalyst by H.M. Ward

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What can I say about this book besides it is way better than the first!! I couldn’t put this book down unless I had to! There is so many twists and turns in the book it will leave you wanting more. There were times when I wanted to strangle a certain character, not to name names Will! What a jerk! Yet he can be a sweetheart. Then there is Kahli we get to know more about her and some of her strengths. Who knew a wild girl could be loyal to someone she just met? She is one strong female that I’d love to read more about. Also, we get introduced to some new Vampires, and humans, and get to know more about the end of the world vampire society. I love this book and I can’t wait til the 3rd book comes out! I hope it is soon.


Blood is power. Since the world froze and the humans died off, blood has become scarce. There’s barely enough to sustain the vampire population, even though their masses have dwindled. Many vampires are reduced to the measly few drops of blood rationed to them by the Regent, which is enough to keep them alive, barely. It’s survival; an undesirable existence.

Before the world froze, before the humans slaughtered each other in their wars, blood was ample and rich. The odds of feeding from an infected human, one with weakened blood, was rare, but now it is normal. Every human within the palace walls is anemic. Though they tried, the Regent was not able to curb the severity of the disease. Their humans became sickly, growing weaker and weaker until they were so fragile that a single scrape could kill them.

The weakened blood means an unstable source of food, but there have been other repercussions—things no one saw coming. As time passed, fangs retreated, reflections appeared, and light was no longer destructive. Vampires can now walk in the full sunlight without turning to ash. Too many generations have passed. Many vampires cannot remember a time when blood flowed richly, when vampires did not have to abstain and endure a slow starvation.

One human can change everything. One human can restore the old ways and return vampires to their former glory—Kahli—but the girl escaped. Blood is power, and the vampire who finds Kahli first will have all the power.



Bane (Vampire Apocalypse, #1)Bane by H.M. Ward

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What can I say about this book? Do I hate it? No. Do I love it? It’s up for debate. The story line was good and twisted. Who would have thought to mix the end of the world apocalypse with Vampires, Humans, and half breeds known as the Bane (human/vampire). Not including mix in a little romance that is slowly unfolding, throw in a group of kids trying to survive, and vampire’s putting humans in camps to use them for blood, and you get a good Young Adult vampire novel that is sure to thrill some and have others scratching their heads. However, I do like Kahli and Will and where their story is heading. It was slow going at first with them two but at the end it will leave you wanting to read the second book just to see what happens to them.


The world as we know it is gone. The ice caps have melted and shifted south, devastating the northern territories and eradicating major cities such as New York and London, which are now under water and frozen. Humans died off during an epidemic prior to the ice disaster, and many more died during the floods at the start of this new ice age.

These events have forced vampires out of hiding. In order to ensure that their food source wouldn’t completely die off, the vampires have sequestered the remaining humans into farms and taken control of all that remains of civilization. Over time, the humans breeding on these farms became anemic. Their blood no longer sustains the master race. But not all of the humans were captured and sent to the farms. Some of the humans evaded the hunters, hiding in safe houses across the frozen tundra. As decades passed, the free humans disappeared, died, or were captured, until all that remains is one. Kahli is the last wild human. BANE is her story


Avow (The Archers of Avalon, #3)Avow by Chelsea Fine

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Another great adventure searching for the Fountain of Youth. Not only did I travel back in time to get both sides of Tristan’s and Scarlet’s love story, but I also fought crazy Ashmen and battled an aging witch! I wish I can say more but I don’t want to give the rest of the book away!

Scarlet remembers. Everything. Her past lives, Tristan, Gabriel, Nate: she remembers it all–including how to get to the Fountain of Youth. But time is running out.

Heather and Gabriel have been kidnapped by Raven, while the curse that has plagued Scarlet and Tristan for centuries has shifted, putting the star-crossed lovers in more danger than ever before. Water from the Fountain of Youth is the only thing that can save Scarlet and her loved ones. But the water comes at a price.

With lives–and hearts–at stake, Scarlet leads her friends on a dangerous journey to the Fountain of Youth. Where eternal life is possible, but death is certain


Awry (The Archers of Avalon, #2)Awry by Chelsea Fine

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

All that is yummy and wholly goodness! This book is even more amazing than the first! It starts off where the first book left off and just continues to take twists and turns. This book goes more into the history of Scarlet and how she came to know the Archer twins. How she fell in love with not only one but both of them!! And remember when I said that Scarlet has a few secrets of her own? Well I was right but now I’ll have to wait to read book #3 to find out what they are!


Sometimes love is meant to be. But sometimes…love is the death of you….

Seventeen-year-old Scarlet has just died. Only, dying isn’t unusual for a girl under a centuries old curse that left her semi-immortal.

This time, though, she comes back to her current life instead of awaking in a new one, and she realizes the curse is changing. Together with the immortal Archer brothers, Scarlet must piece together her life and try to break the curse before her impending death comes again.


Anew (The Archers of Avalon, #1)Anew by Chelsea Fine

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh what a tangled web the curses have weaved for Scarlet and the Archer twins!! Cursed over 500 years ago, the Archer twins have lived their lives in search for a cure. While Scarlet tries to regain her memories and tries to save one of the twins. A twisted tale of a love triangle that resembles The Vampires Diaries and Twilight but 100% times more interesting!! Maybe the Archer brothers are not what they seem and maybe just maybe Scarlet has secrets of her own….. Off to read book #2!!

Two years ago, Scarlet awoke in the forest alone, afraid, and unable to remember anything. Lost and confused, her life was a mystery…until she met a boy with a familiar voice.

Gabriel Archer has a voice from her past, and Scarlet’s determined to remember why. She immerses herself in his life only to discover he has a brother he’s kept hidden from her: Tristan Archer.

Upon meeting Tristan, Scarlet’s world becomes even more muddled. While she’s instinctively drawn to Gabriel, she’s impossibly drawn to Tristan–and confused out of her mind. As she tries to piece together her history Scarlet realizes her past…might just be the death of her.

No Safe Harbor (Edge of Freedom Book #1)

No Safe Harbor (Edge of Freedom, #1)No Safe Harbor by Elizabeth Ludwig

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A gripping thriller that kept my interest since day one. The tale of Cara is one of intense feelings. Hurt, anger, hope, love, lost, and redemption are what she feels on a daily basis. She has been alone in Ireland for two years since her parents have died and her brother disappeared. Til one day in 1897 she receives a letter from her brother. The letter states that is she to come to America and wait for him but not to tell anyone why she has come, and to trust no one. Cara ends up meeting an older gentleman on the boat from Ireland to America and he sets her up at a boarding house that is ran by his friend. From there, while waiting for her brother to come Cara throws herself into her life as an American. Finding a job, enjoying friendships with the other ladies at the boarding house, and even falling in love. Yet can she trust the man she falls for? Or is he using her to find her brother? Read the book to find out what happens in the end! Also, the second book to the series comes out some time this year. Enjoy!

Book synopsis from
The Thrill of Romantic Suspense Meets the Romance of 1800s America

Lured by a handful of scribbled words across a faded letter, Cara Hamilton sets off from 1896 Ireland on a quest to find the brother she’d thought dead. Her search lands her in America, amidst a houseful of strangers and one man who claims to be a friend–Rourke Walsh.

Despite her brother’s warning, Cara decides to trust Rourke and reveals the truth about her purpose in America. But he is not who he claims to be, and as rumors begin to circulate about an underground group of dangerous revolutionaries, Cara’s desperation grows. Her questions lead her ever closer to her brother, but they also bring her closer to destruction as Rourke’s true intentions come to light

Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict

Confessions of a Jane Austen AddictConfessions of a Jane Austen Addict by Laurie Viera Rigler

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I give this book 4 stars. It kept me interested in the plot but the inner monologue of the main character was just to much for me. I would have liked the book to be more description of the time she was in. Over all not a bad read .